Introduction of U Broadband

U Broadband is a High Speed Broadband like 3.5G Network and 42 Mbps wireless speed will be revealed in the future !
A real HSDPA Speed never let you surfing internet with slow speed or always disconnected !
U Broadband always let customers surfing internet with stable and smooth speed !
U Broadband has three type of plans for postpaid broadband so far.
MB40 Plan
-2GB Quota
-Monthly Commitment RM40
MB68 Plan
-5GB Quota
-Monthly Commitment RM68
MB128 Plan
-20GB Quota
-Monthly Commitment RM128
What You get after You signing up U Broadband?
-No contract at all !
-HSDPA Speed Upto 7.2 Mbps !
-Rebate RM20 for 5 months !
-FREE 7.2 Mbps USB Modem with Micro SD Card Slot !
-7 Days Risk Free start from the day you signed up !
-Lowest Price rm1.33 per day !

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How Fast is Your Broadbands Speed ?




U BROADBAND PROMOTION is Running Now in Giant Cheras-Kajang Highway until 7th April 2013!!!
HSDPA SPEED upto 7.2Mbps!!
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Monday, 29 August 2011

29/08/11 Roadshow in Subang Skypark Terminal

After finishing roadshow in NSK Hypermarket Sri Rampai,I'm now doing an U Broadband Roadshow in Subang Skypark Terminal from 29-08-2011 until 04-09-2011 !

Get Your own U Broadband with FREE Modem now !!
For more info,also visit here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alex-Broadband-Communication/102591976504359

Saturday, 20 August 2011

42Mbps Speed Coverage in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor ?

Last four days,I found that the 42Mbps Speed Coverage was expanded to Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas.
However,I still did not get the confirmation or any latest news from U Mobile Company.
When I search the coverage of U Broadband and I found this !

Hari Raya Puasa U Broadband Promotion in NSK Hypermarket,Taman Sri Rampai

NSK Hypermarket,Taman Sri Rampai,Kuala Lumpur

Starting from 09-08-2011 to 29-08-2011,we are running an U Broadband Promotion for Hari Raya Puasa and Merdeka Day !

First week of the period, I was giving fliers to customers (mostly are bussiness people who dealing with drinks and foods)from 10am to 9pm.Less respond and feedback from customer at that time after I finishing the fliers for few days.May be there was a 'Fresh Market' for those who never heard U Broadband before,but mostly of them were using Maxis Broadband.Moreover they ran out of time to get the stock from NSK Hypermarket and made me had no time to explain the benefits of U Broadband one by one on that time,therefore I must use another way to attract their attention and made them to change the current broadband.

Second week,The feedback from customers are finally become very good from day to day.Everday,at least one customer willing to change their broadband to U Broadband.After 2 hours activation for the broadband line,these customers are feeling different when using it.Mostly they feeling the speed is very stable and smooth.Average speed for everyhour is about 1.89Mbps ! Part of them said will use U broadband for long time because this is the broadbadn they wanna find for so long.  : >

For those who still did not sign up and never feel the speed of U Broadband,
Welcome to visit us in NSK Hypermarket,Taman Sri Rampai,KL
or just leave a Message to Alex ANG 0182522258

Monday, 15 August 2011

Solve the Problem of U Broadband Connection Speed

I tested the U Broadband's speed after solving the internet problems.

Recently i have received many feedbacks from my customer who is U Broadband users.
Some rumors said U Broadband'speed is very lousy while the upgrading service period.
Some are said they cannot load a simple webpage in few seconds.
Some are complaint they cant streaming video at all.

However,I'm doing many speed tests during U Broadband upgrading period and I found the speed is normal and not like other rumors said so slow.
Somehow,the minimum downlink speed is 1.0Mbps and above.
If You Test Ur Broadband 's speed is always 1.0Mbps in U Broadband Coverage area,that's mean Probably Your computer may got internet problem setting (including internet security setting) but is not the problem of Modem itself or Operator itself too.

Make Sure You done these things before You suspect the speed is slow
1.Please make sure You have made the payment avoid from connection suspended.

2.Make sure You do not exceed the limit of quota from your plan (MB40 for 2GB,MB68 for 5GB,MB128 for 20GB).If You have exceeded the limtit of quota,the speed will be throttled .

3.Make sure Your Modem is function and no damaged(Red light for no connection,Green light for connecting)

4.Do not always empty the cache or clear cookies.

5.Make sure Your computer is clear from virus and the speed did not limited by Anti-virus program.

If you have checked the following things above,please look at below to solve the problem while U Broadband is doing upgrading for 42Mbps connection speed.
Doing Simple Steps to Solve the U Broadband Problems
Firstly,Goto Control Panel-->Network Internet-->View Network Status and Task

Then,Double Click into the Broadband name 'U Mobile'  which under Acess Type (look picture below)

After clicking in,you will see U Mobile Status and click 'Disconnect'

After that,your connection will be disconnected and again, double click the Broadband name 'U Mobile' which under Access Type(look picture below)

After clickling in,Your computer will help you to detecting the internet problem (as picture below)

After few seconds of detecting internet problems,it will shown 'Connect to an available wireless network'
Click into 'Show me  a list of available network'.
Click and choose 'U Mobile' from your available network.
After few seconds,Your U Broadband connection will be connected and the speed will be normal again.

Finally,Click 'skip' until finish solving internet problem.(quit from the checking problem again)
After that,go into Internet Explorer and try again the speed and you will see the speed is 1.0Mbps and above.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

42Mbps Speed Connection is around the corner of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor !!

Speed in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor temporarily down for Final Upgrading 42Mbps Speed Connection 
I Believe most of people who using U Broadband will headache about the low speed and disconnection of broadband recently.The main reason the U Broadband's customers are facing the same problem is U Broadband is gonna launching the 42Mbps Broadband in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor (hopefully will be official launched in first day of September).They are doing the upgrade instead of the 7.2Mbps speed connection so that everyone in those areas is enjoying the fastest speed without hang or lag anymore for video streaming or surfing internet.Remember,if You are the current user,do not terminate the service because You will be enjoy the 42Mbps with the same plan or pakage without Extra Charge !! Super value !! Waiting for the 42Mbps Speed coming to KL and Selangor!!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Comparison Between U Broadband and D Telco Broadband

D Telco Broadband - Discover with 3GB
D Telco Broadband comes out with Discover Plan which has 3GB Quota and the average speed upto 700Kbps only.
For those who signing up the plan,monthly fee is RM68 (RM63 for auto-billing only).
First time payment is RM100(Activation Fee) and RM50(Non-Refundable Upfront Payment)=RM150
In first 5 months,D Telco will rebate RM10 in the bill.

U Broadband - MB68 Plan with 5GB
U Broadband has MB68 Plan which customer enjoys as much as 5GB Quota and speed upto 7.2 Mbps.
First time payment when signing up the plan,
RM100 (Refundable* Upfront Payment) only with the 7.2Mbps USB Modem !
In addition,U Broadband will rebate RM20 for the first 5 months as well !

*7 Days Money Guarantee Back

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Comparison Between U Broadband and C Telco Broadband

Comparison Between U Broadband and C Telco Broadband
Firstly,C Telco has launched a new broadband plan to the Malaysian market to replace the old broadband plan.Let us see the comparison between U Broadband and C Telco Broadband.

C Telco Broadband comes Broadband Pro 10GB with 7.2 Mbps
To get the Broadband Pro with 10GB quota,first you have to commit RM138 monthly.
The speed goes upto 7.2Mbps.First ever C Telco Broadband launch 7.2 Mbps in July 2011.
Many people will ask that how much the first time payment if signing the broadband,the answer is You have to pay RM150 (Registration Fee RM100 + RM50 Advanced Payment) !
Moreover,there are not rebate after signing up the broadband.

U Broadband comes with MB128 Plan with 20GB 
U Broadband launched the MB128 Plan with 20GB since early July 2011 and many good responds from U customers after signing up.
You just pay the RM108 (rebate RM20x5 Months after signing up) for MB128 with 20GB.
The first time payment before You signing up the package is RM100 only ! No contract at all.
MB128 Plan comes with FREE 7.2Mbps USB Modem and you can use up to 20GB with Cheaper Monthly Commitment !
The speed can go upto 42Mbps (in Penang,Johor Bahru and Seremban),7.2Mbps(mostly in KL,Selangor,Ipoh,Nilai and others)
In addition,You may cancel the package anytime as you want !
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