Introduction of U Broadband

U Broadband is a High Speed Broadband like 3.5G Network and 42 Mbps wireless speed will be revealed in the future !
A real HSDPA Speed never let you surfing internet with slow speed or always disconnected !
U Broadband always let customers surfing internet with stable and smooth speed !
U Broadband has three type of plans for postpaid broadband so far.
MB40 Plan
-2GB Quota
-Monthly Commitment RM40
MB68 Plan
-5GB Quota
-Monthly Commitment RM68
MB128 Plan
-20GB Quota
-Monthly Commitment RM128
What You get after You signing up U Broadband?
-No contract at all !
-HSDPA Speed Upto 7.2 Mbps !
-Rebate RM20 for 5 months !
-FREE 7.2 Mbps USB Modem with Micro SD Card Slot !
-7 Days Risk Free start from the day you signed up !
-Lowest Price rm1.33 per day !

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Rebate RM100 For Your Bill in Limited Period** !!
No Contract At All and
Get Your 7.2Mbps USB Modem For FREE !!*New*

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New Message !!

New Message !!

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Enjoy Upto 42Mbps Speed in Malaysia!!

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U BROADBAND PROMOTION is Running Now in Giant Cheras-Kajang Highway until 7th April 2013!!!
HSDPA SPEED upto 7.2Mbps!!
CALL ALEX ANG 0182188789 NOW!!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

42Mbps Speed Connection is around the corner of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor !!

Speed in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor temporarily down for Final Upgrading 42Mbps Speed Connection 
I Believe most of people who using U Broadband will headache about the low speed and disconnection of broadband recently.The main reason the U Broadband's customers are facing the same problem is U Broadband is gonna launching the 42Mbps Broadband in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor (hopefully will be official launched in first day of September).They are doing the upgrade instead of the 7.2Mbps speed connection so that everyone in those areas is enjoying the fastest speed without hang or lag anymore for video streaming or surfing internet.Remember,if You are the current user,do not terminate the service because You will be enjoy the 42Mbps with the same plan or pakage without Extra Charge !! Super value !! Waiting for the 42Mbps Speed coming to KL and Selangor!!

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